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ecoTECH Energy Group is a Cleantech company.

We develop leading-edge energy technologies
that generate sustainable electrical power
and other green energy products.


ecoTECH Energy Group

ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc. ("ecoTECH" or the "Company") is a development-stage renewable energy company which plans to manufacture biomass-fuelled Power Stations that produce renewable and sustainable "green" energy products.

The Company specializes in the development and operations of thermal, 24/7, "firm" electricity supply from state of the art "zero-carbon-footprint" power stations which utilize proprietary ecoTECH technologies that have been continuously improved and fine-tuned over the past 30 years. ecoTECH intends to build five Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") Power Stations across North America during the next five to seven years. Active negotiations are in process with site owners, fiber suppliers, municipalities, utility companies and energy brokers.

The Company is in the ground-breaking stage of three large projects located across North America, in both the U.S. and Canada. Using local wood waste biomass, these projects will provide electricity and fuel products to multiple communities, with excess energy production available to external utility companies and energy brokers which can be transferred easily via the Grid infrastructure. In addition to utilizing the Company’s proprietary technologies, these projects will also incorporate proven technologies created by external parties with which the Company has partnered. ecoTECH’s focus is within North America first, however, plans to pursue other world markets subsequently.

The Company has evaluated a number of value added processes to provide maximum return on investments and meet market demands for biomass products. Using low cost heat and steam vented from the adjacent Power Station, biomass will be processed at temperatures ranging from 200o to 320oc in the absence of oxygen to produce torrefied pellets.

Torrefied pellets or briquettes ("green fuel") will be produced for markets in Europe, North America and other areas where coal-fired power plants are seeking low carbon fuels. (Torrefied wood briquettes have higher energy content and none of the ash and mineral contaminants that are embedded in standard fossil coal).

Shipping, storage and material preparation is identical to traditional coal but a significantly higher heat is produced and very low carbon dioxide emissions result.

The Company anticipates that North American markets will further emerge as legislation and emission standards follow demand from governments and constituents seeking low carbon dioxide coal replacement products. Using current pricing models and after discussions with a major European utility, we anticipate pricing FOB London at $250/ton US. At startup, ecoTECH will produce torrefied biomass at a cost of $125/ton for delivery to European markets.

Biomass in general provides a low cost, low risk route to lower CO2 emissions. When high volumes are needed, torrefied biomass is price competitive with coal while meeting or exceeding emissions standards and providing a revenue stream through carbon credit gains.

To supplement the CHP Power Stations and torrefied briquette facilities, ecoTECH will develop and operate avant-garde greenhouses, indoor food fish propagation facilities, and cold store facilities that further use by-produced heat and carbon dioxide from the CHP stations. These projects create adjunct profitable activities which provide regional production of organic foods, heat exchange cold storage and other products which are essential elements of our 21st century sustainable way of life. The demand for all of the products and services we offer is growing with international environmental awareness and the knowledge of the importance of sustainability across the world. We believe that our comprehensive approach is unique in the energy sector.