Inquiries & Quotes


For inquiries about ecoTECH's proprietary ecoPHASER Waste-to-Energy, Biomass-to-Energy, or Torrefaction plants, please contact our Sales Team. For quotes, please furnish the specifics of your prospective project and energy generation needs.


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ecoPOLYMER Partners

For inquiries about ecoPOLYMER Partners and biomass-based coal replacement, clean coal, and polymer-based biofuel products, please contact


Custom Design

All ecoTECH plants are custom designed to suit project specifics. Feedstock volume requirements depend on feedstock type and its composition and specification variances. These are used to determine thermal yield, throughput volume, efficiency, and combustion gas quality. Each plant requires a custom-designed system that mitigates any potential performance detractors. Labour force demographics and other geographic variations, as well as long-term feedstock availability and cost affect the project viability and ROI.

Required Information

To receive the most accurate information for your project, please provide the following details:

  • energy generation needs (project size)
  • project location
  • feedstock type (and composition, if MSW)
  • feedstock source and location
  • longterm availability of feedstock