ecoGROW Aquaponics

ecoGROW Aquaponics, a licensee of ecoTECH's heat technology, designs, develops, and operates ecoPHASER-powered aquaponics facilities to produce "beyond organic" foods. Aquaponics is a sustainable farming method that combines on-land fish farming with hydroponics, using ecoPHASER heat and electricity.

In collaboration with ecoGROW Aquaponics, ecoTECH has introduced ancillary operations such as self-sustaining, ecologically sound industrial parks, complete with hydroponic greenhouses and aquaculture fish facilities. Economies of scale are maximized because these ancillary operations can be run by using the surfeit of energy byproducts from the Company's CHP Power Stations output. These are essentially franchises from a worldwide developer/operator that employs indigenous personnel. Food production is an essential service, with profit margins expected from 30-40%, and returns on investment of 23% (hydroponic greenhouses) and 32% (aquaculture). We have the finest expertise available plus full local staff training from these renowned specialist organizations.


Floating Rafts Technology is certainly the most “water-conscious” system among existing hydroponic growing systems. One of its key features is the use of a large volume of water allowing enormous buffer for fertilisation and oxygen control as well as economic plants transportation by flotation. This large buffer brings a level of security and easiness that no other growing system can match.

Versatility of Horticulture Technologies

  • Fresh green produce grown on unique, proven, floating raft watercourses yields up to 18 crops per year
  • Fresh heirloom tomatoes and tall crops grown by recirculated pebble bed hydroponics, with natural nutrients
  • Fresh “river raised” RAS circuit fish for short-haul chilled transportation
  • Fresh saltwater fish that are free of lice, diseases and heavy metals, matured in indoor, balanced water raceways
  • Packed “live foods” green vegetable produce, packed in biodegradable clamshells
  • Prepared and filleted frozen fish, humanely killed in super clean facilities
  • Exotic tropical and arctic food fish, migratory fish and specialty items such as salmon & shad roe



The benefits of an indoor aquaculture production system include:

  • A sheltered and filtered facility
  • No Aquifer or watercourse poisoning
  • No concerns of fall-out radiation
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Stable, scheduled production conditions allowing for consistent supply
  • On site flash freezing and cold storage allows for supply chain flexibility & reduced wastage
  • House brand labelling available

In summary, we can provide continuous production of fresh produce as well as clean healthy fish fed on natural foods. Horticulture and Aquaculture technologies greatly reduce our carbon footprint with sustainable Green Energy.