Investor FAQs

What is ecoTECH Energy Group's mission?
"to supply renewable & sustainable energy products to end users and utility companies globally through the development of power stations and biomass-to-fuel conversion equipment in order to meet federal, provincial and state-mandated regulatory requirements and community-driven needs.”

What does ecoTECH Energy Group do?
is a development-stage renewable energy company which plans to manufacture biomass-fuelled Power Stations that produce renewable and sustainable "green" energy products. For more information, please see our About Us section.

How does ecoTECH Energy Group intend to make money?
ecoTECH’s primary goal is to become the leading global manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy and carbon neutral biomass “clean” fuel (or “green-fuel”) products, as a sustainable environmentally-friendly alternative to the current reliance on fossil fuels.

Who are our customers?
ecoTECH Energy Group is targeting Fortune 1,000 companies, government institutions, and other international companies in the energy sector which are looking for additional secure supply sources of biomass energy.

Who are our partners?
ecoTECH Energy Group has engaged BEP Engineering Services Ltd. to manage the site preparation and equipment construction for its CHP Power Station and torrefied briquette plant facilities. ecoTECH has also contracted NAES Corporation to manage the Company’s Power Stations and torrefied briquette plants being designed and constructed in North America initially, and then globally.

Who are the Company's competitors?
We face competition in every aspect of our rapidly evolving business, particularly from other companies that seek to provide similar products or other alternative energy solutions.

Where is ecoTECH Energy Group located?
Our headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington; we have 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries located in Langley, British Columbia Canada and Montana USA.

On what exchange does ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation trade and what is its ticker symbol?
Shares of our common stock are listed on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Our ticker symbol is ECTH.OB.

How many shares of ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation are outstanding?
See Corporate Fact Sheet.

How can I invest in ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation? Can I purchase stock directly from the Company?
You can purchase stock in our company through a registered brokerage or stock purchase service provider of your choice. You cannot buy stock directly from the company.

When do I receive my certificate of ownership?
You will need to contact the broker from whom you purchased your shares.

What is a transfer agent, who is yours, and how do I contact them?
A transfer agent is a regulated organization that keeps track of stockholder records and information. To find out more, please contact our transfer agent at:

Empire Stock Transfer, Inc.
1859 Whitney Mesa Dr.
Henderson, NV 89014
Ph: (702) 818 - 5898

Does ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation pay a cash dividend?
Not at this time.

When and where is the ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation Annual Stockholders Meeting?
We have not yet scheduled our next annual stockholder's meeting; however, this information will be published on our website (under "In the News") when it has been finalized.

Where can I find all of ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation’s SEC filings?
You can access our filings through the SEC website.

How can I download and view the quarterly and annual reports online?
You are welcome to download and view both quarterly and annual reports directly from our site.

Can I request to receive all SEC filings, annual reports, and/or proxy statements electronically?
Please sign up here for electronic notification.

Who is ecoTECH Energy Group Corporation’s Independent Accountant?
Certified Public Accountants
Registered Firm - PCAOB, CPAB
Michael L. McKennon, Partner
881 Dover Drive, Suite 120
Newport Beach, Ca 92663
Ph: (949) 200-3282
Fax: (949) 203-3011

How do I contact Investor Relations?
Investor Relations
ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc.
800 Fifth Ave, Suite 4100
Seattle, WA 98104
Ph: (213) 254-2440