ecoTECH's Partners

BEP Engineering Services, Ltd.

ecoTECH Energy Group has engaged BEP Engineering Services Ltd. ( to manage the site preparation and equipment construction for its CHP Power Station and torrefied briquette plant facilities.

BEP Engineering, with over 28 years experience in mill and industrial design is a multi-disciplined engineering firm which provides design, detailing and certification services. They are involved in an average of 100 projects per year, consisting of practical conceptual and structural design, detailing of mill equipment and electrical control schematics, redesign and modification of existing equipment, industrial waste water treatment and solid waste management.

Drawing on the experience gleaned from such a high level of technical involvement, BEP has developed a team of broad-based designers and experts who can solve problems related to civil and structural, mechanical and electrical production. More recently over the last 5 years BEP Engineering has focused on supplying and installing pre-engineered plant and storage buildings to accommodate customers’ manufacturing and flow requirements.

BEP Engineering has been working with ecoTECH in their efforts to develop biomass-fuelled Power Stations for applications using wood waste, animal waste and other typically non-viable biomass sources. These Power Stations have been engineered as highly efficient energy generators that exceed environmental guidelines with a hot, clean gasification process, requiring minimal secondary scrubbing. The result is a lower cost of capital, reduced fuel requirements and higher energy output making the power station a preferred choice in remote areas and where communities are seeking a means for disposing of unwanted waste and a power source for new industry.

BEP Engineering has also been working on ecoTECH’s thermal reactor that the Company started developing in 2007, taking this unit from the development stage to the drawing stage using Solid Works a 3D drafting program to create and fine tune the drawings of this unit for easy fabrication and maintenance. BEP assisted ecoTECH to create a unique feed system that allowed 24/7 continuous energy flow during maintenance periods.


NAES Corporation

ecoTECH Energy Group has contracted with NAES Corporation ( to manage the Company’s Power Stations and torrefied briquette plants being designed and constructed in North America initially, and then globally.

NAES is a leading global provider of generation services in the electric power industry. Recognized as a premier provider of the most extensive variety of technologies, fuels and renewables in the industry, NAES has earned an international reputation for delivering outstanding results. NAES is part of ITOCHU Corporation, one of Japan’s leading companies. With operations in over 80 countries covering a broad range of industries, ITOCHU’s revenues place it among the world’s largest corporations.

NAES provides proven, cost-effective, third-party operations and maintenance (O&M) services to both existing facilities and greenfield plants. NAES has operated power plants since 1987, with its first international project undertaken in 1994. Today, NAES is a global provider of O&M services, with the broadest experience in prime mover technology, operating modes, and variety of fuels employed in the industry. NAES has direct experience with simple cycle, combined cycle, cogeneration, and conventional steam production power generation facilities operating in base-load, dispatch, and 100% merchant modes.

NAES currently manages 173 plants in 10 countries, ranging in size from 2.1MW to 1,600MW, totaling in excess of 48,403 megawatts of power generation. Fuel types include natural gas, distillate & heavy fuel oils, coal, petroleum coke, biomass (wood waste), waste-to-energy (tire derived fuel, refuse derived fuel, and municipal solid waste), water, and wind. Operational programs emphasize safety, environmental compliance, operations, maintenance, chemistry, training, and administration, and are tailored specifically for their clients.

NAES has broad experience operating, maintaining, and providing technical support services for solid fuel power plants firing coal, biomass, petroleum coke, and waste-to-energy fuels including tire-derived fuel (TDF), refuse-derived fuel (RDF), and municipal solid waste (MSW). NAES is also providing Pre-Commercial services to operate a state-of-the-art biosolids fuel processing plant, the first of its kind in the U.S.

NAES solid fuel experience includes 15 coal-fired facilities, 9 biomass facilities, 1 petroleum coke IGCC facility, 2 waste-to-energy facilities and 1 waste-to-fuel. NAES biomass experience includes 9 facilities totaling 246 MW of generation capacity, including one of the largest biomass facilities in the U.S., the 80 MW Pittsylvania plant in Virginia.


Hydronov, Inc.

HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse's hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. HydroNov Inc has been built over the success of a small research and development project at the beginning of the Eighties that has been able to create from scratch a unique growing system.

This technique arises interest from growers and business people all over the world. Now the biggest hydroponic lettuce grower in the world, HydroSerre Mirabel Inc. is producing lettuce at a rate never reached before.

HydroNov's technical services include technology transfer, growing system material and installation, production software, professional follow-up and turn-key project.