Plan of Action


ecoTECH’s primary goal is to become the leading global manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy and carbon neutral biomass “clean” fuel (or “green-fuel”) products, as a sustainable environmentally-friendly alternative to the current reliance on fossil fuels.

ecoTECH intends to start building its first five Power Stations and torrefied biomass briquette plants in North America by late 2011, with operations to commence by 2013.

Within ten years, the Company envisions their proprietary power stations and clean-fuel manufacturing plants operating in several countries, providing in excess of 2.5 million megawatt (MW) hours of electricity and 2 million tons of torrefied green fuel annually to end-users across the globe, resulting in gross revenues exceeding $650,000,000 annually for ecoTECH.


Plan of Action

The Company intends to strategically position multiple CHP Power Stations in order to:

  • Reduce the reliance on fossil fuels by providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy and fuel products manufactured from local biomass feedstocks;
  • Meet specific local needs for decentralized power, while reducing the cost of biomass transportation;
  • Assist communities to meet federal and state renewable energy and reduced emissions mandates; and,
  • Provide local jobs and community development for the project communities.

Long-term markets and goals have been identified for each ecoTECH project, designed to fulfill corporate, investor and shareholder requirements. These can be summarized as follows:

Renewable Energy Production and Sales:
CHP Power Stations are modular units built in chains to meet specified power needs of communities. Combined heat and power are produced in variable ratios, depending on the application. Local fiber availability and transmission bandwidth are two limiting factors when determining total capacity to construct. Hence, a Power Station is expandable and flexible to changing environments. Each Power Station project brings baseline income for two to three decades. Power supply purchase agreements run from five to thirty years, usually generating a return on investment circa 25%, being unaffected by market trends.

Green Fuel Production:
Torrefied Briquettes, “Green-fuel”, production allows an alternative to coal-fired energy manufacturers in order to meet renewable energy mandates by established deadlines. When wood is roasted (“torrefied”), it becomes brittle at a certain temperature and takes on the attributes of coal, with the exceptions that it provides greater heat energy by weight, is sustainably renewable, and meets the mandated criteria. ecoTECH uses surplus heat generated by the Power Stations to provide this torrefaction process to woody biomass, which is then formed into briquettes to be sold at respectable margins on long-term fuel supply contracts with coal-fired power stations. This allies our efforts with the existing coal power giants, where helping them gives access to transmission facilities that would not be afforded a competitor. Our projections indicate this business segment offers an ROI of approximately 20%.

Ancillary Operations:
Food Production Projects are interrelated self-contained businesses that can evolve around the Power Stations, utilizing the surfeit of energy by-products to support local hydroponic greenhouses and aquaculture fish facilities. These are essentially franchises from a worldwide developer/operator that employs indigenous personnel. Food production is an essential service, with profit margins expected from 30-40%, and returns on investment of 23% (hydroponic greenhouses) and 32% (aquaculture). We have the finest expertise available plus full local staff training from these renowned specialist organizations.